"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." ~Roger Caras

Unconditional love deserves more than iPhone photos (regardless of what Apple billboards tell you....)

Because Your Dog is More Than a Pet

Welcome to Chickpea Photography. We are dedicated to celebrating one of the most cherished and timeless relationships known—the profound connection between humans and dogs. In our world wagging tails and joyful barks echo the language of love, and every wet nose nuzzle reminds us of the beauty of companionship.

hey there!

I'm Cyndi, your new fun photographer best friend.

Like many little girls, I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up. but when I was 16, I discovered photography and knew that was my passion. Being able to combine my love of pets and photography is what brings me joy. Be able to create images that tug at your heart strings and make you laugh out loud is my super power.

When not working you can find me on the beach, or painting watercolors or binge watching the latest Netflix series. Oh and I almost forgot-cake-I love cake, lemon, chocolate, carrot...yum!


Life is often hectic in the San Francisco Bay Area. You're busy and the last thing you want to hassle with is figuring out what to wear, wondering if you dog will sit still, what if your kids don't behave, what if the hubby just stands there looking uncomfortable? And then you think "just forget it, I hate taking my picture anyway". This is why we help you with everything you need and make your time in the studio fun and relaxing. And that is a promise!



I want to answer any questions you have, learn about your babies (both human and furry) and find out what the perfect portrait means to you. Together we plan your session and eliminate any worries you may have. My promise is that you'll have a hassle free and enjoyable experience.



This is where the fun starts. Whether the focus in on your pet, your kids or the entire family my goal is to capture your connections and create memorable images. Everyone is encouraged to explore and relax when they arrive at the studio. Doggos and kiddos alike are allowed to be themselves (and grumpy spouses too) and we take breaks as needed. I frequently hear from clients how much they enjoyed the photoshoot and even had one little girl ask if she could come every week! And don't be surprised if you find your dog sitting in my lap getting loved on.



Photographs are our most precious visual possessions. We appreciate you'll want to make the best choices at your purchasing appointment. Which is why together we choose your favorite images, and help you select the printing options that best fit your home and budget. After all, these images will be a part of your life and home for many years to come. On average our clients spend from $400 to $4000 on their heirloom products. And, for those that do fall in love and need assistance with purchasing, interest-free payment plans are available.

Lovely Words From Clients

We first heard about Cyndi

through some friends and once we saw her work, we made a date with her and every aspect was wonderful. There were so many amazing shots it was hard to pick just a couple. From the first conversation to receiving our photos on time and as promised ... easy and fun experience with no sticker shock!

Michelle C

Cyndi did an excellent job

of not only taking fantastic photos of my fur babies, but she delivered great customer service as well. Cyndi had more patience and determination than I would have had in trying to capture these wild kids in a photo. The end results were so good that I couldn't make a decision, so I purchased a bunch of them and am so grateful that Cyndi helped me through the ordering process because, if she hadn't, I might still be trying to decide which ones to buy and in what format.

Diane M

This is our 3rd session with

Cyndi. She is fantastic and her photos & ordering options are great. She works wonders with humans and dogs alike to put everyone at ease. We couldn't be happier with the results.

Lorelei P

Ready to Experience the Magic?

Witness the magic as we capture the essence of your pet's spirit. Allow us to create breathtaking portraits that will tug at your heartstrings every time you lay eyes on them. Book a session and let us reveal the true beauty of your pet and your relationship.


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